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Gulf of Orosei: Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches


Do you think that you have to travel to the other side of the world to find amazing beaches?

Everyone knows that Sardinia is full of natural wonders. However, there is a part of the island that boasts not only Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, but some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

We are referring to the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, in Eastern Sardinia, where the maritime hamlet of Cala Gonone is located: 40 km of pristine coastline, so well preserved because of its remoteness.

These coves are accessible via the sea, thanks to the daily tours that depart from the Port of Cala Gonone, or via marked trekking paths.

Starting from Cala Gonone and continuing south, here are the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei:


1- Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili is the last beach that can be accessed by car from Cala Gonone, taking road Viale Bue Marino. It is a very small cove encased between two promontories. It features a seabed with thick, clear gravel, mixed with white sand. Walking down the stairs to the beach, you will be immediately captivated by the turquois waters. Cala Fuili is also renowned among hiking enthusiasts, thanks to its steep cliffs that fall sheer into the sea.


2- Cala Luna

One of the most famous beaches in the Gulf of Orosei, and deemed one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It is accessible via the sea or via a quite demanding trekking path. The beach is 700 meters long, and it boasts extremely white sand and 6 incredible caves. It is surrounded by oleander forests where you can take exciting trekking walks among the lush Mediterranean maquis.


3- Cala Sisine

Past Cala Luna, you will reach Cala Sisine, a limestone beach with white sand and small cobble stones smoothed by the thousand year tides, which give the transparent waters hues of colors from blue to green. We recommend reaching it on foot, walking along the dirt road that ends at Planu ‘e Murta, about 2 km from the sea. From here, an easy path will take you to the beach in about 30 minutes. Here you will also find a snack bar.


4- Cala Biriola

Continuing south, you will find the small Cala Biriola beach, set between high cliffs and dominated by a forest of junipers and holm oaks, sheltered behind the promontory called “Scala di ferro” (iron staircase). Dominated by a holm oaks forest, its fantastic waters make it the perfect spot to go snorkeling. This cove too can be  reached via the sea or via land from the Golgo di Baunei high plain, along a path we highly recommend to all trekking enthusiasts.


5- Cala Mariolu

Here is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches according to Tripadvisor. It is located at Punta Ispuligi, in the Gulf of Orosei. Its name derives from the monk seal, now disappeared, which was called “mariolu” by the fishermen, meaning ‘thief’, because it stole fish from the nets. Close by, you will also find the cave Grotta del Fico. The amazing seabed, perfect for diving lovers, and the white sand with tiny pink stones, make this beach a true slice of heaven.


6- Cala Goloritzè

Last but not least, Cala Goloritzè is renowned for its rocky arch arising from the sea, as well as for its massive limestone peak, Mt. Caroddi, much appreciated by those who love free climbing. It is no surprise then that this incredible cove has been declared a Natural Monument for its uniqueness and to preserve its pristine beauty.




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