The most spectacular trekking in Italy: the Selvaggio Blu


The Gulf of Orosei offers so many options for sports and nature lovers. In fact, the most challenging and spectacular trekking routes in Italy are found in the Supramonte di Baunei. Along tracks through impervious paths and canyons left by shepherds and charcoal burners at the beginning of the last century, you can admire landscapes that will take your breath away. There are many treks along the Baunei coast that lead to the Sardinian coves most loved by tourists, but the Selvaggio Blu is certainly the most famous due to its difficulty and incredible beauty: six days of a fascinating adventure and intense emotions amid mountains and cliffs overlooking the sea.

The Selvaggio Blu is considered the most demanding trek in Italy as it requires some experience, especially in certain climbing sections. The best times to embark on this adventure are autumn and spring due to the pleasant temperatures; obviously, the duration of the trek can vary according to the needs of each hiker. The route is about 50 km long and takes place in 6 stages. It starts from Pedra Longa and reaches Cala Luna, passing through Portu Cuau, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Biriola, and Cala Sisine. As it is a difficult route with no footholds, we advise you to undertake the trek with the help of an expert guide.

Then there are other less demanding and daily treks along which you can still enjoy all the wonders of the area. The most popular trek is the one that leads to Cala Goloritzè starting from the Golgo plateau. The outward journey lasts about an hour and 30 minutes, while the return journey is decidedly more tiring as it is all uphill. The trek to the cove is well signposted, and you don’t need a guide. There is also the Pedra Longa trek, or the super-panoramic trek that leads to Cala Luna via an old mule track.